Technology Experience

Topic Special Features / Details Achievements Experience Level Status
Application Development
Programming Regular Expressions, OO programming, UML, Unit Testing Professionally since 1996 (Started in 1986) Excellent
Java Swing, AOT compilers, Javadoc,Threads, Async I developed a basic 2D to 3D application using Java2D library. I developed a multi-camera surveillance system in which rules and areas can be established using OpenCV library. I started a 3D game using JMonkey Engine but it was not finished. 3 years Very Good Used extensively for the last 4 years. Looking at Vala as a substitute.
Vala Threads, Async, Clutter, Mx, Gtk+ I'm starting to create a image processing engine and related applications. For example, the surveillance camera made in Java will be translated it to Vala. < 3 months Average Learning and Practicing. Level increasing fast.
VisualBasic WinAPI I used VB for more than 10 years. I created several applications from simple to complex ones. For example a system to quote GMO cars insurances (Insurance company), and another to manage cattle. I gave maintenance to a call-system used in CFE to receive notifications. The last system I developed using VB was "ExPlayer" to aid in the creation of visual experiments (developed in my master course) +10 years Very Good 4 years since last development
C / C++ Created a system in C++ to migrate and verify data between databases. Other C++ system that I developed was a text to speech translation using a 3rd party library. < 3 months Basic 3 years since last development and replacing it for Vala
C# Created a system to manage document versioning and permits < 2 months Average 3 years since last development and replacing it for Vala
Bash / Shell Use of grep, awk, sed, etc. Developed several scripts for server administration. The most advanced script is to install and set up postfix (mails server) which includes accounts/domains administration, etc. 3 years Good Used often as part of my current job
InnoSetup Pascal Script, Automatic versioning, Automatic updates. Used several times to deploy applications in windows. From simple to more advanced which include automatic versioning and automatic updates between other features. ~ 3 months Very Good Recently used but not so often.
Libraries OpenCV, Octave, Gstreamer Average
Other Erlang, Python, Perl Basic
Web Development
Java Tomcat, Jboss, Trapesty, Web crawling Created a framework (later translated to PHP) and some websites (a multi-template system, a advertising directory, etc.) for 2 years Good 7 years since last web system developed.
PHP Apache httpd, caching, compressing resources, SOAP, encryption Many websites and web-systems. Created a complete framework which simplify and change the way websites are created with PHP which has been successfully used in several projects from small websites to large-scale web systems. The largest size projects have been: a shopping website (like amazon) with wordpress integration (plugin developed); an statistical website for a large-size company in Japan with more than 300 branches; an online-learning system developed for CFE universities; and most recently a company listing with products/services. +12 years Excellent Used very often and extending my knowledge everyday
Javascript Ajax, Jquery, Web Workers, Web Sockets, SSE, Web Storage, Canvas, Geolocation, printing 10 years
HTML / HTML5 W3C standards, smartphone ready +12 years
CSS / CSS3 Gradients, box-layout, 3D transformations, selectors 10 years
Flash ActionScript Developed a system used to manage unloading / loading materials for CFE (Touchscreen). Developed an interactive CD for the government of Mexicalli, Mexico. Developed several other projects and multimedia content which includes few multimedia intros for Accenture. 5 years Good 7 years since last time used (used once 3 years ago for a product presentation).
Other XML, XSD, DTD, JSON, SVG +10 years Very Good Used very often
MachineLearning / Statistic Linear/Logistic Regression, Neural Networks, Naive Bayes, Backpropagation, Classification, Vector Machines, Decision Trees, K-means, Anomaly detection, Linear Programming + 1 year Good
Encryption One-way encryption, Two-way encryption, Decryption methods, Obfuscation
I have developed several custom encryption algorithms based in non-common procedures. +7 years Very Good
Database Management
MySQL Foreign keys, Stored procedures, Triggers, custom functions, profiling (MySQL), data encryption, database encryption, data synchronisation, load balancing, anti-code-injection, performance benchmarks 10 years Excellent Used very often
Postgresql 2 years Very Good Used some times
H5 < 1 year Good Used recently
HSQLDB < 1 year Good Used recently
Server Administration
Linux Server Web server (configuration, benchmarks, debugging, high performance), Mail server (Management, Spam control, etc.), FTP server, SSL certificates, Monitoring, Security assessment (intrusion detection, ...) + 10 years Very Good Main development environment
Windows Server < 1 year Average Rarely used
IDE/Editors Vim, Netbeans, Eclipse (and others) + 8 years Very Good
Graphics Gimp/Photoshop , Inkscape, etc. + 12 years Excellent
Multimedia 3D Studio, AutoCAD, Ffmpeg (video encoding/decoding), audio processing, etc. + 8 years
Very Good
Servers Very Good
Networking Very Good