My Linux

My first *nix experience was during my first job, working with AIX servers.
Two years later, I started to use Linux (around 1998). My first distribution was RedHat, however it was really difficult to setup my video card. I was really interested in Linux and I wanted to share my feeling with others. I founded a networking group at my University in order to learn more about Linux and software in general. We organized install-fests with good results.

Then, I was introduced to Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva), It was quite easier than RedHat (in terms of setup), so I decided to switch and give it a try.

It was not until 2002 that I started to use Linux as my primary OS. From recomendations of a friend (Jeziel), I switched to Slackware. I found Slackware more difficult but better in many ways. I liked that I could costumize the installation of the software and the performance. Later, during my job I received a pre-installed Suse in one of the computers I used. I give it a try and I liked mainly the YAST control panel. However, I used Suse as it were Slackware (without .rpm installations).

After moving to Japan, I bought my first computer with 64bits processor (AMD), so I installed Slamd64 (Slackware 64 unofficial distribuition) on it. I had many problems with it because I think the support was not good enough, so I lost many hours trying to fix or patch installations in order to make them work. Looking for help on the Internet, I usually finished in the Ubuntu forum. For that reason I decided to move on and change my Slamd64 to Xubuntu (64).

I think as workstation it is far better to have a popular distribution in which the problems can be solved faster. The .deb package system have saved me a lot of precious time to install or update my software. So far, I am happy with Xubuntu (I use a very basic version of Xubuntu, without any extra packages).

I have a small server (PII) in which I have Slackware installed. For that task, I think Slackware just fit perfect, with customized installations and high performance.

Update March-2009:

I recently bought a SSD disk for my PII server. This time I will install Ubuntu Server and see how it behaves. I have not enough time to update my Slackware right now. Even I have been using "slapt-get" to perfrom the updates, it is far away comparable with "aptitude".

At work I have 1 Ubuntu (gnome) workstation (working pretty good!) and 4 Ubuntu Servers :)

Update April-2012:

Last year I upgraded my server to a better model. Now its currently running Ubuntu and host this website (between others). Ubuntu worked fine in my old server and I keep it just for emergencies. At work I'm using Xubuntu and at home I use Kubuntu in my desktop and Xubuntu in my laptop. The number of server which I manage has increased to 10. You can see my updated status as my signature in ubuntu forums.

Other distributions that I have tried recently are: Mint and BackTrack (this last one is very useful to learn and improve your server security skills).$ ls

drwxr-xr-x lepe  4.0K 2019-04-30 04:07:16 .
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